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Welcome to Central City

A Place for "Tin Man" Fans

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A community for fans of Sci-Fi channel's "Tin Man"
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Welcome to Central City

This is a community for fans of the Sci-Fi Channel original miniseries "Tin Man". It is a gather place where fans may start discussion, share news, and post graphics such as wallpapers or icons. Fans of any and all ships and characters are welcome here, as long as the rules are followed.

Community Guidelines

What's Allowed

1. Discussion-- Any aspect of the show from characters to ships to overarching themes can be discussed here. Debate is highly encouraged, as long as all posters remain respectful of each other. Please place lengthy comments behind lj-cuts.

2. Graphics--Any graphics related to "Tin Man" are welcome here. Promo images, screen caps, icons, wallpapers, etc. can all be posted. Please place images behind cuts. Small teaser images of no greater than 200x200 pixels can be left outside the cut. When posting icons, please use no more than 3 icons as a teaser. When taking icons that other members have posted, please follow their guidelines for sharing/crediting.

3. "Tin Man" news--Got the latest ratings? Or links to reviews or news articles? Please feel free to share. If re-posting the entire text of an article, it must be behind a cut. Links to original sources are encouraged.

What's not allowed

1. Flaming--Flaming will not be tolerated and will lead to bans. It's fine to disagree with other posters. After all, discussion isn't much fun when it's just comment after comment of "I agree". But make sure you are being respectful of other members and their opinions.

2. Fan Fiction--"Tin Man" is a miniseries that is already sparking the creative minds of many writers. But this community is not the place for it. Please post all "Tin Man" fan fiction at tinman_fic.

3. Taking credit for others' work--DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THINGS YOU DID NOT CREATE. Posting someone else's graphics as your own work will incur the wrath of the mods. Additionally, do not repost the work of other artists without their permission, even if you give them credit for it.

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